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Providing Good Customer Service as an Internet Marketer

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

When you shop at any business, what do you use as a guide to rate that establishment? Most people would answer that it has to do with the people they encounter there and the overall level of customer service! You immediately notice what kind of customer service you get when you shop in a store or eat in a restaurant, and this has a lot to do with whether you ever return to that business again. Unfortunately, as important as customer service is, it’s something too many internet marketers leave out of the equation when they think about their business. The need to provide good customer service is not any less important online than anywhere else, even if your customers can’t actually see you on the internet! Read and study the following strategies and you can set yourself apart by offering great customer service to anyone who visits your site.

When someone contacts you, make sure you answer as soon as possible. Try to get back to them within one business day if you can. Responses should be personal messages written by you. Do not rely on automated messages that do not address the person’s specific question. Responding quickly to any questions, remarks or complaints shows people that you are a real person who cares about them. If you had an offline business, would you ignore customers who walked in the door or called you on the phone? You probably wouldn’t even think of treating them this way! Another way to offer great customer service is sending a discount email to someone that buys a product from you.

If you set up an automatic responder, you won’t even have to deal with this personally and you can ensure return customers. This could bring you in hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repeat business. Everyone loves bargains and sales! A great way to implement this initiative is to create a special coupon or promotional code that you only give to previous customers, or you could also create a special service for people that respond directly to your mailings.

You really need to be sure to offer support for any product you sell.

There are still people who have a hard time grasping technology. Customers will really like the added feature of getting free technical assistance, should they ask for help. You’ll find that they will then recommend you to their friends. This word of mouth advertising relies on good customer service. When people know you care enough about them to offer free support for your products, they are going to spread the word to people and you will definitely benefit.

Customer service is something that can be displayed in many ways, and there is always room for improvement. Keep in mind that good customer service is just as important for online marketers as for someone with a retail store.

If you want your business to grow and succeed, you must focus on customer service. Everyone wants to feel that they are important and respected. Good customer service is nothing more than creating an environment for customers that makes them feel relaxed, secure and well taken care of. Once you get into the habit, you’ll find it’s easy to do!

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