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How a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Can Build Your Business to New Heights

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Using direct mail to advertise your online business is probably something you, as an internet marketer, haven’t thought about? However, this is something that you should not wait another second to start. Simply, direct mail is one of the tried and true methods of spreading the word about your business. When you take the time to use direct mail, you will seem more like a person and less like a robot. It can be pretty hard to overcome the intimidation aspect, especially if you haven’t used direct mail before. You shouldn’t be intimidated by it, though. These tips and pointers will help you to get started with your direct mail marketing so you can bring in more business.

No matter if you send out a quick note or a postcard, be sure to hand write the addresses. It has been proven that people are more apt to read mail that has a handwritten address. What could be more important than this fact is that your recipient will be impressed that you actually took the time to write out the address. This is such a rare quality anymore. You may be thinking that this seems a bit overwhelming, especially if you plan to send out hundreds of letters, but if you do several a day you will have it finished in no time flat. If you have sloppy handwriting, be sure to have someone that has an elegant writing style to do it for you.

Experiment with several direct mail types. A good place to start could be with a brochure. Once you have it sent out, track the amount of business that comes to your website because of the brochure. If you have succeeded in bringing in a lot of sales, perhaps send out another one in a few months.

Next, send out a letter if the brochure doesn’t result in enough sales, and you’ve given it enough time to work. You can try out different types of direct mail and then, when you find one that works, stick with it! It is possible that you could drive up sales by thousands of dollars.

Every single direct mail piece you send out needs to be professional, so make sure you check them for any mistakes. Never allow a direct mail piece to be sent that has simple mistakes on it, like spelling or typos. This is important everywhere, but it is especially important when you send out direct mail. It is true that people will overlook a typo in an email, but will balk at a mistake in a piece of direct mail. You should look over everything several times before you mail it. It isn’t hard to send out direct mail. If you put it to use effectively, you will find it to be one of the more successful tools you can use. Many online business owners think the only way to get their products in front of people is through online marketing methods. They tend to forget about those people who either don’t have internet access or don’t use the internet for long periods of time. You could be pleasantly surprised at the response you may get from the people you send your mail out to. Truth is often stranger than fiction.

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